6 Ways To Quickly Become The CEO Of Your Own Career

We have all been there: unhappy with the work we are doing, dissatisfied with the level of compensation or wanting more responsibility within your role. Most wait for an employer to provide us with the pay raise, promotion or job title we have been dreaming of, and it is rarely coming quickly enough.

It’s never a good idea to put the fate of your life in the hands of someone else. The sooner you realize that the only person responsible for making changes in your life is you, the sooner you will get on the path to that perfect career you have been hoping for. 

Sometimes, the obstacles we face are as simple as truly understanding what we want from our career. For others, the problems with their work life are solved as soon as they gather the courage to openly talk about it with their employer. For the more ambitious among us, the career goals we set must involve creating a clear plan coupled with actions and contingency plans. 

Read on for our top tips about becoming the CEO of your career, and don’t waste another day wishing for career greatness.

1. Write down your biggest career goals. 

Then, write down what you need to achieve these goals. 

After you’ve done those two things, write down all the little action items you can start to get on that path. 

For example, let’s say your goal is to eventually become vice president of your grain co-op. Ask yourself, what does it take to become VP of your co-op? Perhaps the answer is that the position requires an MBA or equivalent, and solid experience in risk management. 

Set a goal to research online MBA programs every Sunday morning for half an hour, with the goal of committing to one by the end of the year. Keep an eye out at your current job for opportunities for you to learn more about risk management, even if it means volunteering for additional duties. 

Start small, and with consistency and patience, you can work your way up to your bigger goal. 

2. Set a time frame. 

It’s easy to say that you are going to pursue a certain type of training to get a position you want. But these goals tend to fall by the wayside when life hits us: the busy workdays, family life and social life may put this goal on the back burner. 

Instead of telling yourself that you are going to pursue that technical certification, tell yourself that you are going to pursue that technical certification before the end of the year so you can hold yourself accountable. 

Then, set smaller goals in order to achieve your larger goal and put a timeframe on those as well (i.e., you are getting your certification in one year, and starting next week, you’ll read relevant industry publications every Friday afternoon to bolster your knowledge). 

3. Say something.

It’s amazing how many opportunities are missed because we are afraid to say what we want.

You think your skills have developed greatly and you’ve become a huge asset to the company, and deserve a promotion? Instead of sulking around the office, angry that your boss hasn’t mentioned a pay raise in years, schedule a meeting with your boss to proactively discuss the possibility of a pay raise. 

If your boss declines, ask him or her to clearly define what you would need to achieve within 6 months to be deserving of a raise. 

Make sure these goals are quantifiable, and go back to him or her in 6 months having proven that you’ve accomplished what was requested, and get that raise! 

When you tell other people your hopes and dreams, it can be scary. But this is actually a great way to have other people hold you accountable, and you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities will come your way.

Interested in learning more about the technology in your industry to enhance your career? Let your friends, family and co-workers know about your interest. One of those people may be able to give you a great tip regarding a new online course or offer you their own valuable knowledge about the topic. 

4. Be realistic, and patient.

It’s great to have a huge goal like becoming VP of your co-op. But it may not be realistic to have the goal of becoming VP of your co-op tomorrow by noon. 

This is why the smaller goals are so important – they give you the momentum and set you in motion. Setting unrealistic goals will leave you discouraged and likely to give up. 

Always remember that you must consistently do all the small things in order to work your way up to your larger goal, and this takes patience. 

5. Always look for ways to grow. 

Continue to educate yourself and read new things about your industry. Don’t shy away from offering to do additional work outside your normal job (if you can) to gain more experience. Try to talk to that guy from upper management who might be able to give you insight into what working with the executives is like. Keep reading books or watching educational videos online, and make sure that you carve time out of your day or week to consistently do so. 

6. Consider keeping a progress journal. 

It can get discouraging after several months of working towards a goal when you feel like you haven’t seen any progress. Each time you have finished a book, completed a training, received a compliment from your boss or went above and beyond at work, make a note of it in a journal or on your computer. 

You can pull these notes out any time you feel discouraged and it will give you an instant reminder of how far you’ve come and how much farther you’ll go.

If you are living in America, there is no excuse not to go full-force with your career goals. Find out what you really want from your career, and find ways to work your way up to that goal. Put a realistic time-frame on these goals, and be patient and consistent with your progress. Tell those around you about your goals (especially those that are in a position to help) and always look for opportunities to grow. 

And remember working with a seasoned and professional recruiter in your industry is the best way to hit some career path milestones.  Longmire Staffing Services is happy to help agriculture professionals reach their career goals.  Reach out today to discuss your career strategy.

Never forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you’ll be well on your way to a deserved promotion soon if you stick to these tips.

Advance your career advance your career and find a job reach out to Longmire Staffing Services today.

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6 Ways To Quickly Become The CEO Of Your Own Career