8 Tips To Resume Writing Success

Your resume: we all know how important it is. No document screams “judge me and evaluate my worth” more than that little piece of paper. Sorry, but it’s true!

We admit that it is very nerve-wracking to write, polish and keep up with your resume. There are many talented professionals out there who do wonderfully in interviews and have impressive skills, but struggle with putting words on paper.

Although we know you’ve heard it before, we will say it again: it is absolutely crucial to perfect your resume as much as possible, because this is essentially your first impression when applying for a job. 

Aside from the obvious essentials such as checking for spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors, here are some top tips for keeping your resume the best of the bunch.

1. Update As You Go Along

Even if you aren’t actively looking for a job, make it a habit to review your accomplishments and achievements every month or so. Put it on your calendar as a recurring reminder. This is so very important. You’d be surprised how many workers achieve a huge milestone or successfully roll out a project and forget to mention it on a resume. And in times such as we have faced with COVID-19 you never know when you need an updated and current resume at a moment’s notice. The best way to achieve this, is to always be updating. Put every achievement & milestone met down on one “master” resume, then tailor it to specific jobs. 

2. Consider Using a Resume Template

Tip? Try Googling your desired job title with the word “resume” to see examples of a variety of different resumes for people in your position. Reading these is the best way to get an idea of what a good resume for that particular job looks like. You can even find websites online that will let you download a resume template, complete with formatting all you need to do is add in your own contact details and job history, education and accomplishments. Pro tip? There is a function inside of Microsoft Word that will help you build out your resume using samples from public profiles within LinkedIn. Simply type in “resume” in the “help” function inside of a new Word document. You will then see “Resume Assistant” with the LinkedIn icon. Wallah- you are on your way to building a fantastic resume.

3. Include a Summary, But Not Necessarily An Objective

A summary is great because it allows you to truly highlight the most impressive bits of your career. An objective statement is really only necessary if you are making a big career change or justifying a long career gap.

4. Customize It

A generic resume is great to use as a starting place, but try to find ways to make the resume specific for the job you are applying for. This generally means only a few tweaks, but it’s an extra bit of effort a lot of job applicants miss. When companies see a resume that is clearly a good fit for the role and includes all the relevant qualifications (and omits the unnecessary ones), they are much more likely to reach out.

5. Consider An Online Supplement Like a Website or Portfolio

It is incredibly easy these days to set up a website or even have a shareable Google document with your additional qualifications. This is great to include as a link in your resume or to provide if the employer is interested to learn more.

6. Highlight Achievements, Not Duties

Responsible for managing a team of 5 at a local office? That’s great, but we all know people with duties who don’t necessarily do a great job of fulfilling them. Instead, you should say something along the lines of this: “I handled the logistic and financial aspects of over a thousand orders in 2019, managing a team of 5 to communicate with vendors and successfully reduce costs for our company. Our success resulted in accurate and timely orders, and not only achieved our goal of staying within budget, but provided a 5% cost reduction for our company.” When possible, provide quantitative achievements and solid benchmarks rather than mere responsibilities. One great way to achieve this is to use action verbs verbs like resulted, achieved and provided. 

7. Have Someone Proofread For You

Do you have a daughter who is an English major? A co-worker buddy who is discreet and wants you to succeed? It is always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes look your resume over for accuracy, readability and to spot any errors. Printing out the resume before reading is also helpful. You can also ask a recruiter to look over your resume for any suggestions. They know what employers are looking for and at, let them help guide you as to what should be in it.

8. Avoid Boring Words

Hard-working? No one applying for a job is going to say they aren’t. Try to find more descriptive, meaningful words to show (not tell) what you are capable of.

We know that writing a resume is intimidating, but it really is the first impression you are making to a future employer. Try to channel your inner 17-year old going on a first blind date and take care to pay attention to the details — you want to stand out, but in a good way. 

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8 Tips To Resume Writing Success