Hiring During COVID-19

Many employers used this time to hire all-star talent whom they may have not had access too for varied reasons previous to this. They knew they would need to hire certain key positions, and so they used this time to hire strategically; accounting for current, and future needs. They scooped up and continue to scoop up great talent.

Aside from this, states have begun the re-opening process. Employers in these states who may have put hiring on hold, are now adjusting their talent acquisition strategy and are moving forward quickly, Many are using the services of recruiters who are tapped into the talent in their industry as a means to get to candidates quickly.

With this in mind, I recommend you carefully consider what your hiring needs are going to be in the next 30 days and begin the process of attracting talent now. Don’t wait until you are able to get back to business as usual. Hire now if you can or at the very least begin building out your pipeline of shortlisted candidates. From there begin engaging with them, now. If you can hire, use this time to get your new employees up to speed so you are ready to hit the ground running when you are able to do so.

Reach out if you need assistance with your talent strategy!

Adapt Your Agribusiness Recruiting Strategy to Meet the Changing Job Landscape

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Hiring During COVID-19