Immediate Release: Longmire Staffing Services Joins NPAworldwide

Longmire Staffing Services is excited to announce our membership into NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide is a network of independent recruitment firms working cooperatively to fill your talent needs locally, regionally, and internationally. 

NPAworldwide members recruit in virtually every occupational and industrial niche. Some are functional specialists, even micro-specialists. Others work in vertical markets. There are also generalist firms that have a broad knowledge base and are able to support clients for a variety of hiring needs. Founded in 1956 to compete against large franchised organizations, NPAworldwide is a global network. 

Why It Works

The Exponential Power of a Network NPAworldwide’s network operates on split-fee placements. That means recruiters are sharing information to fill your open positions with top-quality candidates. Unlike non-member firms, our global recruiters have access to a pool of passive candidates developed by more than 500 firms and 1300 recruiters. Their searches aren’t limited to a single recruiter’s candidate pool or to a small number of candidates found on a job board. Rather, NPAworldwide members deliver a world of possibilities through our extensive network.

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Immediate Release: Longmire Staffing Services Joins NPAworldwide