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The agriculture industry — most people think it’s about growing crops and raising animals, but I know it’s really about the people.

That is why community is so important to me. In fact, it has been the inspiration around my work since day one, and these values have gotten even stronger since I started Longmire Staffing Services.

I love what I do. I get to meet extremely talented people every day, connect them with amazing career opportunities, and create long-lasting business partnerships based on trust, integrity and the ethics of hard work.

When I started Longmire Staffing Services, I made a vow to make sure that our company never makes the common mistake of our competitors – to put profits over people, and revenue over relationships. 

I have always been bothered by what I saw behind the scenes with many of the recruitment companies in the agricultural industry.

They have passion, but not for the agriculture industry. Most staffing services and recruitment agencies were eager to make a commission, even if it meant making things harder for their clients in the process. The commission was the goal – even if it meant ruining business relationships down the line.   

It is, quite frankly, difficult for small and mid-sized agribusiness companies to compete with the “big guys.” The competition is, ironically, made even more impossible when they are using the same recruitment agencies as them. 

For example, recruitment agencies would work with your co-op to fill an important role, and in the process learn a great deal about your company (your management, strengths and weaknesses, internal issues, etc.).  

But they would also be working with big competitor companies as well.   

And when a new role would open up at your big competitor’s co-op, someone else from that same recruitment agency would be calling up your employees trying to steal them, and using their knowledge about your company to do so.

Ever wonder how your recruiter knows when to call you at just the right time?

I’ll give you one hint: they are not psychic. 

It’s because the recruiters in their firm all work together behind the scenes, and your recruiter’s buddy just let him/her know that you will have an opening soon, because THEY recruited one YOUR employees.

Yes, that’s right.

They steal an employee from you.

Their client.

To give to one of your competitors.

Then, they come back and want you to pay them thousands of dollars, to fill an opening ​THEY​ just created within your organization.      

It is, but it’s not right. It isn’t fair for all of the small and mid-sized co-ops out there, and the problem keeps getting worse. 

I’m proud to be the founder of Longmire Staffing Services —​ a recruitment company that ​exclusively​ partners with small and mid-sized agriculture companies​, and ​never​ uses client knowledge to poach talent. At Longmire Staffing Services, we stay true to what I am most passionate about – serving the agricultural community – loyalty & trust.   

It’s time to try a better approach — to give smaller agriculture companies a chance to recruit top talent, despite having less resources than their giant competitors.    

I hope you will consider contacting us today to discuss how we can help your co-op, now or in the future — we would love to hear from you!

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People Over Profits – Our Way!