What Is The Importance Of Agriculture?

The importance of agriculture goes much deeper than feeding, housing, and caring for the world. Yes, it is arguably one of the most important industries in the world — if not the most important. But it has also blessed the world with a really wonderful community that has formed some of the most giving, loyal, loving, caring folks out there.

No matter the storm heading their way, they go to work anyway.

We, as agriculturists, are who we are because of the community that has formed us.

This community doesn’t promote cutting one another down to get ahead. Instead, encouraging one another every day and giving back to those around us.

When I think about agriculture folks, I see neighbors making sure the other has supper when someone is need, after they spent the entire day and into the evening in the barn for a difficult calving.

Or choosing to shop at the local co-op because they know the everyone there.

And showing up for the youth in the community. Encouraging them to keep getting up and trying again even if faced by disappointment. 

The Importance of Agriculture Is The People It Produces

Because agriculturists–from the CEOs devoting themselves to help better the lives of the farmers, producers and employees, to the farmhand in the fields–are all part of this incredible community that promotes kindness, dedication, loyalty, and support. So these people and businesses are made up of something special — something not found anywhere else in the world.

They’re tough enough to make the hard decisions when it comes to another life. And they’re seasoned enough to weather the hardships that come with the uncertainties of this industry.

They’re skilled enough to handle a boardroom with confidence, making the decisions that are best for their company and employees. And they’re kind enough to value their employees’ welfare above their profit line.

No matter the task at hand, they go to work anyway.

A farmer can perform back-breaking labor, pouring his blood, sweat, and tears into his fields for 12 hours a day. And a rancher can castrate, brand, and vaccinate hundreds of calves in a day. A co-op manager will put her heart and soul into her business and employees. An HR manager will come in early, stay late, skip breaks, and sacrifice endlessly to find the solutions her employees need.

And, at the end of a long day, they will find themselves volunteering to set up chairs in their church. Or dedicating hours each week to spend with youth who need their help.

A community that is focused on agriculture is a community with incredible people and volunteers. They dedicate their time, money, and expertise to making a true difference in the lives of others.

No matter how tired.

No matter how worn.

And no matter the time.

They go to work anyway.

The Importance Of Agriculture Is The Dedication Of Industry Professionals

As technology, legislation, and public perception and pressures constantly evolve, those in the agriculture industry are never deterred. They continue to pour their heart into their communities, employees, and businesses. 

The tech entrepreneurs continue to make strides, giving farmers and ranchers the tools they need to feed the world.

Nutrition scientists work daily to ensure that feed is optimized for health and production.

Co-ops find new ways to support their members and give their communities opportunities they would not otherwise have.

Because without the feed stores, grain silos, technology experts, and all the organizations that support our nation’s farmers and ranchers…

The animals couldn’t get food.

The crops couldn’t be brought in.

And our nation wouldn’t be fed.

It’s an industry that takes grit–putting in twelve-hour days, working on weekends and holidays, ensuring all is cared for. But it’s an industry that also takes grace–countering misconceptions, working with nature, tending to animals. No matter where in the industry, whether working in a lab or in the fields, agriculture takes heart, dedication, and resilience.

And they all go to work anyway. 

The Importance Of Agriculture Is… You

In the face of ever-growing challenges from public perception, coupled by the financial struggles faced too often and the constant, unavoidable risks this industry poses… The grain is still processed, the crops are still brought in, the livestock is still fed, and the people of the world still have food, medicine, clothing, and homes.

Because you went to work anyway.

Why I Work In Agriculture

I was raised in North Dakota, amidst my neighbors, peers, and family members who showed me the grit and grace that comes with working in the agriculture industry.

I watched as they dedicated their lives to working tirelessly in their community to improve the lives of those around them. And I watched them feed and clothe the world, loyally doing their work with care and attention. The ag community I am so thankful to know continued to work without thanks or praise to do the job that needed to be done.

They inspired me everyday to work harder and better for those around me. 

And now I am abundantly grateful to work in this industry, helping small to midsize agriculture businesses find and retain talent that helps them fulfill their purpose. 

It is my honor and privilege to be a part of this thriving community, which is made up of such loyal and devoted individuals who dedicate their lives to something so much bigger than themselves.

The devotion of the agriculture community is unparalleled.  No matter what they face…

They go to work anyway.

And I have taken those core values and principles that those in the agriculture community hold so dear and have applied them to my life and business.

With a true desire to see the businesses I work with thrive, I am proud to dedicate myself to their success.

I use tried and true methods I developed through years of recruiting for co-ops to help small to midsize agriculture businesses, including tech companies, co-ops, farms, ranches to stand against their competitors, and secure and retain valuable employees.

offer direct hire services at all levels, as well as temp and contract staffing for the times when this better serves my clients’ needs. Additionally, I offer varying levels of HR consulting, custom to fit my clients’ needs at that moment.

I also offer career counseling for ag professionals. I love getting to help people find their way in this industry, and guide them in the process of that discovery.

And that’s the beauty of being in the agriculture industry: we aren’t here to cut each other down and get to the top. We encourage one another every day. We help one another. 

I am so thankful for this industry I am blessed to be a part of. I am grateful beyond belief that these are the businesses I get to help every day. And I am extraordinarily passionate about giving back to this community that has given so much to me.

Daily, you inspire me. The farmers. Ranchers. HR managers hiring talent. The CEOs motivating their employees and dedicating their lives to their business. Managers working overtime to support their employees. The feed store clerks working hard. The kids bucking hay in the field… Each and every one of you, working hard day in and day out no matter what. Giving back to your communities because that’s simply the right thing to do.

The importance of agriculture is much more than literally keeping the world running. It’s all of you in the community and what you give. You are the importance behind agriculture.

Thank you for always going to work anyway.

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What Is The Importance Of Agriculture?